LCKS 0006

Product Detail

Knife Set 25 pcs in Leather Case-LCKS0006


Product Features:

stainless steel marble sets

1. All stainless steel knives,brown pp handle

2. Leather case with Combination safely lock

3. Durable,functional,moderm and pretty

4. Hand washing recommended,lifetime warranty


Set Includes:

1*Cleaver 3.0*295mm used to cut or chop through bones.
1*Chef’s  knife 2.5*366mm used in a rocking method to mince, dice, and chop vegetables and herbs
1*Ham knife 1.5*378mm used to cut ham,bread,or other soft interior
1*Carving knife 2.0*316mm used to pare, trim, peel, slice, and dice foods
1*Boning knife 2.0*268mm used to trim or remove meat and fish from the bone
1*Meat fork 2.0*282mm used to take the prepared food of big meat or big beef
1*Bread knife 2.0*338mm used in cutting through crusty bread, pastries, or any item with a crust and a soft interior
1*Pizza knife  1.5*228mm used to cut pizza,bread or other soft interior
1*Cheese knife 1.5*235mm used to cut cheese,bread or other soft interior
6*Steak knife 1.2*215mm used to cut through prepared foods after the meal has been served
6*Steak fork 1.5*198mm used to take the prepared foods after been served
1*Kitchen scissor 1.5*205mm use to cut vegetables to twine and plastic bags,and have twist-style bottle opener, jar opener, and nut cracker
1*Poultry scissor 2.5*238mm use to cut anything from poultry to twine and plastic bags
1*Knife sharpener 315mm used for mall precision cuts where control is essential, such as peeling, trimming, or garnishing
1*Leather case 445*345*75mm used to be placed all knives and other kitchen tools,or can be provided for office carrying briefcase
 Total 25 pcs   Welcome OEM SERVICE


(Size,thickness,material,...etc can be changed accrding to your requirment)

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