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Packaging Details: 1 set/color box,elegant packing,or other special packing ways we all can meet.
Delivery Detail: about 25~30 days,according to client's special quantity.


1. All S/S knives,POM handle 
2. Strong pretty stainless steel stand 
3. Durable,functional and lifetime warranty 

SY-NAS-001A-7 PCS Acrylic Stand Knife Set





7 inch cleaver knife 2.5mm

8 inch chef knife 2.5mm

8 inch bread knife 2.5mm

5 inch utility knife 2.0mm

3.5 inch paring knife 2.0mm

8 inch knife sharpener

knife scissor

Acrylic Stand




(Size,thickness,material,...etc can be changed accrding to your requirment)


Yangdong ShengYou Knives& Scissors COltd  is a manufacturer specializing in cutlery, kitchenware and household products, including varieties of kitchen knives, ceramic knives, BBQ sets and other related kitchen items.

With facilities covering an area of 10,000 square meters, modern manufacturing system and over 200 professional workers, we can always provide high quality products, competitive price, prompt delivery and top services for our customers. Besides, we have a strong design team to develop new products every season and help to carry out customers' different customized ideas.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. I will be your honest and reliable 
business partner.

Please contact me for more details.





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How should I care for my cutlery? 
After use, knives should not be allowed to soak in water. The best practice is to hand wash and dry them immediately. This is especially true if they have been used on fruit or salty foods, which may cause some staining, even on stainless steel. Most knives require very little maintenance and it is worth the effort to protect your investment.



How do I keep my knives sharp?
All quality knives require proper maintenance to keep them in perfect cutting shape. The best of edges will quickly dull if it strikes metal, glass, or Formica. A wooden cutting board makes the best cutting surface. And, if a slip occurs, a proper cutting board is safer for the user. Frequent use of a sharpening steel will keep blades in tip top working condition. All straight-edge knives need steeling to keep their edges.



How to "Steel" a Knife
1. Hold the steel firmly in your left hand with the guard positioned to stop the blade should it slip.
2. Hold the knife in your right hand and place on top part of steel as shown.
3. Raise back of blade one-eighth inch.
4. Now, moving the blade only, draw it across the steel in an arching curve, pivoted at your wrist. The blade tip should leave the steel about two-thirds of the way down.
5. Repeat the same action with the Blade on the bottom side of the steel. Always maintain the same pressure and angle on both sides of the steel.
6. Repeat five or six times.


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When a sharpening steel no longer does the job, it’s time to take the knife to a qualified knife sharpener who will place a new edge on it. This, along with use of the sharpening steel, will give you many years of sharp, safe blades.

Please note that electric knife sharpeners can be harmful. They have to be used carefully as they remove too much metal, can harm the temper of the blade, and most important can change the factory-applied edge angle.



How should I store my knives? 
Safety is the biggest concern of storage, both to the user and to protect the knife's edge. Choices include a knife magnet, knife block, drawer insets, and also individual knife protectors.




The stylish packing or to follow client's request;
Attractive design,practicable.Can be used for sales,promotion and household;

If you are interested in our products,please don't hesitate to contact with us,we will reply to you at the first time and provide our the best price,the highest quality,the fastest delivery and the most professional service to you.

Our price is the most competitive, because we own the whole product lines: power processed, body shaped, kiln fired, fine polished, product fitted and packed. So we can control every step of your order such as cost, quality and delivery time and so on. Welcome to visit our factory!



How to produce knife?


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